Huajie Hu

Master Violin Maker

Curriculum Vitae ​

Hamburg / 2017

Huajie was born 1970 in Gongqing, a small town in northern China not from from the Russian border. When he was a little boy he dreamed of becoming a famous painter to make the world a better place with his paintings. He often played in his fathers workshop, a hobby luthier, where he felt comfortable between all the tools and chipped wood. It was also his father who, later in life, made him familiar with his true passion, the art of violin building. With only 16 years old he then built his very first violin in his fathers shop. ​

technically it was a coincidence, as a kid I rather wanted to become a painter or musician.”

While all his friends started studying economics or math, Huajie went to Haerbin University to turn his passion into a career by studying violin making. After successful graduation he worked at the national Jinfan Philharmonic Orchestra in Beijing where he took excellent care of the instruments and bows of the famous musicians. At only 26 years old and after working there for 5 years he founded his first violin workshop in Beijing where he started making and selling stringed instruments worldwide.
He takes a special interest in his german clients because of the shared interest and passion for the centuries-old tradition of violin making. After several visits in Germany he finally decides in 2000 to move to Hamburg/Germany. It is where he wants to deepen his knowledge and to bring his trade to perfection. He leaves his Beijing workshop to his longest employee and starts his new life in Europe. The german research spirit is what impresses him the most and he henceforth tries to pair the Chinese tradition and balance with the innovative capacity and precision in his instruments. In german luthier Reinhard Fischer Huajie finds his mentor who becomes his “talking violin making encyclopedia”. He is able to deepen his knowledge and to gain new perspectives because even though there is a language barrier the two enthusiasts often communicate with few words. Their souls seem to be alike. Up until today they like spending their leisure time together to restore old instruments or to talk shop about the newest techniques in violin making.
​Even though he is sometimes homesick and the industry is extremely lonely and fought-hard for, Huajie does not quit. It’s his dream to, just like his role model Antonia Stradivari, leave as many beautiful instruments as possible to make this world a tiny bit better place.


Hamburg / 2017


taz, German Newspaper/ 2005



Pianist & Conductor

As Pianist and Enthusiast of fine instruments I enjoy the violins and violas of master Huajie Hu! The craftsmanship is beautiful and the sound outperforms through beauty, focus and volume even the old masters.


Cellist & Merchant

It is a pleasure to listen to the development of the instruments and their owner


Jazz Violinist

​I searched a long time for exactly this tone. Thank you Huajie for my amazing instrument!


Music Student

I successfully passed my final exam at the Milano conservatory with Huajies Dancla!


If you want to master a craft you have to visit its origin.” Huajie Hu

Hamburg/ Germany
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